Jesus Fellowship Church (Brighton)

What is “church”?

     …extended family (Fabio & Iysha, Eastbourne)
The only place I’ve felt truly accepted (Sam, Film student)
Lifelong friendships (Jayne, Brighton mum)
People who stick it out together (Andre, Computer Science student)
Music, poetry, drama (Josie, pediatric nurse)
Friendship and brotherhood (Dave, carpenter)

Here's most of us. We're outside the Millwood, near John Street Police Station

Outside our venue, the Millwood Community Centre

The Brighton Church began in 1992, a mix of spiritual searchers, clubbers, social and church misfits. There was a desire to belong to a people who put into practice the teachings of Jesus and to live like a modern version of the early church. It became clear that this was only possible by receiving and living in the love and power of the Holy Spirit…

After some initial outreach work on the streets and on the beach, a small team came together and began an intentional christian community. The community rented a 6 bedroomed house, sharing meals, cars and bills. The household was named Abundant Grace and soon became the hub of a wider congregation, which established itself as: the Jesus Fellowship Church (Brighton)!

So, what do we do now?

Every Sunday we meet for worship in the Millwood Community Centre.

Usually a cuppa tea first, a welcome, then worship (mix of hymns and new songs). Communion, opportunities to pray and receive prayer, teaching from the Bible. Afterwards, lunch together and fellowship.

Of course, we meet up at other times in the week too. Sharing meals, praying, learning, socialising, helping out where there’s practical needs. And we’re not alone! As well as good links with the other churches in the City, Jesus Fellowship Church (Brighton) belongs to the wider family of churches called the Jesus Fellowship Church (UK).

Some other initiatives

We’ve launched Vision English, free ESOL classes for Migrants, Asylum Seekers and Refugees.

Further afield, we support projects through our partner churches in the Multiply network. We are currently engaged with three partners in this way: a Literacy and IT suite Zambia, reconstruction and income earning projects in in Nepal and a flour milling enterprise in Rwanda. We also support and love the work of Samara’s Aid


We want our church to be a vibrant, faithful and joyful expression of God’s love in our City.

To find out more

Call us on 0845 166 8151, email: or come along to the Sunday service at the Millwood Centre – grab a cuppa tea at the bar on the way in and make yourself at home!