Kigali team preparations underway

Community members, Kigali, Rwanda

This wonderful community in Kigali, Rwanda, are committed to the message of continued reconciliation and peace between all people. Rwandan Rukara Barthelemy, better known by his nickname Rukundo (“Love”) , who leads the community with his wife Erika, has initiated many events to help build bridges between church leaders from different tribal backgrounds throughout the region, men and women who play key leadership roles in the villages and towns where they are from. The community is home to some of the new generation of Rwandan men and women who want to build upon the successes of the recovery from the 1990’s.

A team of four volunteers head over in February to encourage the community in this work and to input one of their initiatives, a flour milling business. Jane Lutter is part of the team. She is a member of the Brighton congregation and we are looking forward to hearing from Jane on how things are going. Please pray for Jane and the team, Johannah and Prisca from our church in Northampton, and Becky from our church in Norwich.

You can click here if you would like to contribute to the project 🙂


Vision English – desire fulfilled?

“Desire fulfilled is a tree of life!” said Solomon *

Vision English began as that, ten years ago, with one woman’s desire to teach English. Now Looking around the room, you can see the proverb in action: the seed of desire had become a young sapling, full of life. #Asylum Seekers, #Migrants and #Refugees, sat around tables together, learning the English language and its values, escaping cultural and social isolation, forming trans-cultural friendships.

Some students have big, healthy career ambitions, some need a way out of deprivation or difficult relationships, whilst others seek simply to navigate everyday life with things like shopping, school runs, medical appointments, etc.

Jesus Fellowship wants to embrace the challenge of loving people in practical ways. For Alison that meant years of nurturing that seed of desire, training, and gaining the necessary expertise to offer effective help to those who are socially excluded by the language barrier. #socialinclusion

With their colourful life stories, built in work ethic, entrepreneurial drive and strong family values, empowering migrants, asylum seekers and refugees could help create a stronger, healthier sense of community in our city.

The Vision English environment of mutual learning, integration, creating dialogue, showing respect, sharing a meal, even having some fun, builds towards peaceful community. Of course, real peace comes at a price. It’s hard work and time consuming, but it’s worth it.

It brings life!

If you’d like to contribute to the costs of this project or know someone in Brighton from a migrant, asylum seeker or refugee background who would benefit from learning English, please get in touch for more information.


*[Proverbs 13:12]

Urgent Appeal: Winter Clothing for Iraq

Jesus Fellowship Church (Brighton) is assisting the Winter Clothing Appeal for Northern Iraq.

Lorry nearly ready to go, loaded with warm winter blankets and clothing

Lorry loaded with warm winter blankets and clothing

Organised by Samara Levey, of St Peter’s Church in Brighton, an articulated lorry filled with winter clothes, shoes and blankets will leave Brighton in three weeks time to go to Dohuk, Northern Iraq. These essential items will be received and distributed by CAPNI (Christian Aid Program Northern Iraq) who have been established there for 20 years, in partnership with Tearfund, Open Doors, Aid to the Church in Need and Barnabus Fund – experienced and credible NGO’s.

Those fleeing violence face a winter of extreme hardship

Those fleeing violence face a winter of extreme hardship

It would be difficult to exaggerate the hardship faced from the youngest infants to elderly men and women, who face a winter without suitable clothing and with very inadequate shelter, having left everything behind to flee their homes to escape the brutality of “Islamic State” forces.


If you would like to help, please bring any of the following items to our collection point: Jesus Fellowship Church (Brighton), 161 Marine Parade, Brighton BN2 1EJ, anytime between 8am & 6pm Monday to Friday.

Please donate:

  • New & used winter clothes (adult/child/baby)
  • New & used winter shoes & boots (adult/child)
  • New & used sleeping bags
  • New & used blankets
  • New & used mattresses (stain free)
  • Wheelchairs, zimmer frames and crutches (paired)

Everything should be suitable for winter (no summer clothes or shoes please), in good condition with working zips, buttons & poppers intact and RECENTLY WASHED & CLEAN, from a smoke free environment.

You can keep posted on Facebook. For more details please contact us! 🙂


Living in Community – the Movie

Ever wanted how to “do life different”?

Looking out together from the seafront community house

sharing the view

Jesus the Nazarene invited us to pray for His kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven. So what could this look like?

Certainly the exhortation to “love one another” would need to be “everyday practical” – you can’t simply feel love for the universe without somehow working out the material and emotional implications of that with our a bunch of fellow human beings consistently in everyday life, can you?

Take a look at “Living in Community – the Movie“. It’s how nine different christian groups from the UK & Europe are practising the teachings of Jesus in everyday life, through communal living. Hope you’re inspired to try out a few of the ideas or get in touch to visit our community in Brighton. 🙂



Yayaya – Brighton Beach Day #tasteofheaven

With the stress of modern life, I hope you’d agree that it does help to have a bit of fun together.

Which is exactly what we did when fifty members of our Northampton congregation joined us in Brighton for the day.

Below are mainly outdoor shots, but it was all ages, all abilities, some on the volleyball courts, others walking along the seafront, still others chilling at the seafront community house. Plenty of time to relax together, share food, catch up and get to know new friends. MASSIVE THANKS to all those who came!  #tasteofheaven

Looking out over the sea

Just the day for it!

Volleyball action – perfect day for it!

The Dulux Colour Run provided some unexpected fun

The Dulux Colour Run provided some unexpected fun

Eye on the ball for #sussexuni lad, Andre Sutherland

Eye on the ball for #sussexuni lad, Andre Sutherland


Girl power ! Teamwork on the beach

Girl power ! Teamwork on the beach



#BHASVIC student, George Kroon, looking ready for a slice of the action!

#BHASVIC student, George Kroon, looking ready for a slice of the action!

Relaxation on the roof terrace #nostress

Relaxation on the roof terrace #nostress

Anyone for Volleyball?

Ever wondered what the Jesus People do for fun?


Anyone for volleyball?

Well, this coming Saturday will be a good day to find out! We’ve booked a couple of seafront volleyball courts at Yellowave and 50 or more of our friends from the churches in Northants are joinng us locally for the day.

Of course, not everyone will manage an energetic game of volleyball, but there will be time for other kinds of fun, time for talking, listening and of course, time for sharing a meal or two!

Give us a call if you’d like to find out a little bit more.

Happy Anniversary!

Today is a cake day!

Celebrating 22 years since we began Jesus Fellowship Church, Brighton

Celebrating 22 years since we began Jesus Fellowship Church, Brighton

It’s our anniversary! 22 years to the day that a small team of church members moved to Brighton to pioneer residential christian community!

Named “Abundant Grace” to express God’s heart of care for this City and located on the main seafront,  the community is part of New Creation Christian Community (NCCC). Why not get in touch to arrange a visit? I’m sure we’ll still be celebrating 🙂

Still running the race! [from #BrightonMarathon2014 ]

Running the race, outside Abundant Grace! The Brighton Marathon 2014


Fundraiser success! #northamptonjesuscentre

A team of seven cyclists rode from Acton in West London to Brighton Seafront  to raise funds to redecorate the Step Up project in the Northampton Jesus Centre. After completing the challenging ride in under 6 hours, the team were welcomed by members of Jesus Fellowship Church Brighton and enjoyed a well deserved dip in the sea before devouring a curry prepared by the local members.

Jesus Centre Fundraiser - London to Brighton 2014

Afghan born Shariff and ex-soldier David – mission success!


Afghan-born Sharif on the left and ex-soldier David on the right were part of the team of men cycling from Acton in West London to Brighton.






Fundraising success for #NorthamptonJesusCentre Manager Steve Jones

Northampton Jesus Centre Manager Steve Jones – Fundraising success!


Steve Jones (above), Manager of the Northampton Jesus Centre, earned an extra £100 for the fund by completing the ride in under 6 hours, despite an early tumble in London!


Unafraid to change

Brighton Sunday AM V & M statement

Heads down as the congregation begin to discuss

how we can apply our new Vision & Mission Statement:

“Look for the things God wants to change and don’t be afraid!”


Ladies from Jesus Fellowship Church in Brighton & kings Church Medway

All ages, many nationalities, one sisterhood in Jesus!

Ladies from Multiply Network church partner, Kings Church Medway and Jesus Fellowship Church in Brighton met up at Abundant Grace, our Christian community house, on Brighton seafront.

A day of worship, friendship, sharing,  prayer,  inspiration and lotsa fun 😀