Happy Anniversary!

Today is a cake day!

Celebrating 22 years since we began Jesus Fellowship Church, Brighton

Celebrating 22 years since we began Jesus Fellowship Church, Brighton

It’s our anniversary! 22 years to the day that a small team of church members moved to Brighton to pioneer residential christian community!

Named “Abundant Grace” to express God’s heart of care for this City and located on the main seafront,  the community is part of New Creation Christian Community (NCCC). Why not get in touch to arrange a visit? I’m sure we’ll still be celebrating 🙂

Still running the race! [from #BrightonMarathon2014 ]

Running the race, outside Abundant Grace! The Brighton Marathon 2014


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  1. Dear Most Beloved Jesus Fellowship Church

    I greet you in the wonderful name of Christ Jesus,

    First of all I praise God for this wonderful Opportunity to share my ministry activities with you, we know these are the last days and Satan is doing his level best to crush down the children of God to destroy the kingdom of God. In the same time God’s Children are preceding forward with a determination to Collapse the walls of the enemy I sincerely acknowledge ourselves as one among them. We are Striving every our nerve to spread the kingdom of God In India. This is the reason why God save me from sin, Curse and eternal condemnation.

    We have an energetic team of Pastors, evangelist; Youth members all are in Lord’s work. We reach rural and coastal areas. In a month we Visit number of villages. We arrange street meetings, Seminars and convention. Church planting is the main Activity of our Gospel work. We have no any connected with any organisation and we have no Support from anywhere outside.

    We have an Orphanage in which we are looking after 40 children when we found them they were shelter less and away from comfort and parental love. We collect donations from our fellow Christians to meet their needs. We need some generous sponsors to take for these orphans. In fact their condition is very pathetic. Please remember them in your regular Prayers. Other than this we have social welfare and Relief and development activities such as leprosy Eradication food for widows and aged peoples, HIV, Health Centre, destitute peoples tailoring centre etc.

    As I share all these Things please take a step to visit India once and see our ministry to support us and encourage us. I know we cannot do the ministry single-handed your co Operation and encouragement will enable us to do a lot of ministry. If God reveals you some things about my Ministry could you please share it with me? I may be knocking at your door at an odd time. But I have the Promise knock it shall be opened. If you could kindly hear my knock at your door, please make convenience be opened, you’re kind generous door for me. Kindly visit my place India.

    I Whole-heartily invite you to India. I will arrange gospel meetings and pastors seminary. Please see my Ministry; if you feel I deserve your encouragement Please take a kind step to lift me up, because I have been in a desperate condition. I earnestly need your Kind interference into my ministry. I wish to have your leadership, and guidance. I will sincerely and honestly follow your instructions to develop my Ministry in India. We will have a banker that you suggest me. If you wish I am here ready to send you all the pictures of my ministry. It is just to impress you to have opinion to visit me. If you could once come I hope in the Lord there will be a lot of Improvement in our ministry. We will be able to operate new activities to attract people towards Jesus and make them commit their lives to Jesus. Please pray for us as we for you. I await your kind and favourable Response.

    Yours ever in His eternal bonds.

    Pastor Ebenezer Gummadi
    Gospel Outreach Ministries
    15 Th word, Beside Vamsadara Rice Mill
    Garuvu Road
    A.P. S. India

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