Kigali team preparations underway

Community members, Kigali, Rwanda

This wonderful community in Kigali, Rwanda, are committed to the message of continued reconciliation and peace between all people. Rwandan Rukara Barthelemy, better known by his nickname Rukundo (“Love”) , who leads the community with his wife Erika, has initiated many events to help build bridges between church leaders from different tribal backgrounds throughout the region, men and women who play key leadership roles in the villages and towns where they are from. The community is home to some of the new generation of Rwandan men and women who want to build upon the successes of the recovery from the 1990’s.

A team of four volunteers head over in February to encourage the community in this work and to input one of their initiatives, a flour milling business. Jane Lutter is part of the team. She is a member of the Brighton congregation and we are looking forward to hearing from Jane on how things are going. Please pray for Jane and the team, Johannah and Prisca from our church in Northampton, and Becky from our church in Norwich.

You can click here if you would like to contribute to the project 🙂


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