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Vision English – Free ESOl lessons for those with no recourse to public funds, migrants, refugees, asylum seekers. Relaxed, informal, fun. Lunch together.

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Progress in the sanitation at Harvest Care Centre

Harvest Care Centre, Kitwe, Zambia – Orphanage/School/Adult IT & Literacy. A hub for care of orphans and street children, as well as adults seeking to gain IT & Literacy skills to increase their employment prospects. Spear headed locally by Alison, a team drawn from the national church membership are upgrading the children’s orphanage and school facilities and provide staff training with business development.

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The team developing a business plan for the flour milling project

Flour Milling Enterprise – Kigali, Rwanda. Rwanda has successfully moved forward from it’s tragic past. A new generation are rising who need help to develop sustainable and viable business models. Spearheaded locally by Jane, a team from our national church is providing support and guidance to this process.

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Looks like rain. Get that roof on men!

Transformed – Kathmandu (in/around), Nepal. Local members, Dave & Helen have joined a team from our national church to assist with reconstruction of earthquake damaged premises. They are also exploring how develop micro businesses targeted at women trapped in a cycle of poverty.

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